Best scratch cards online 2023 – TOP 8 scratch cards

This table lists the 8 best scratch cards online with the highest RTP so you can make sure you’re getting value for money. RTP stands for “Return-to-Player” and is a term used in the gambling world by leading casino sites to reflect the percentage of real money wagered that will be returned by players. This value is the average value that will be played out over time.

The 8 best scratch card games as rated by users

Merlin’s Millions With an exceptionally sublime RTP for online scratch play, Merlin’s Millions is a glorified preference for this type of casino. In addition to an RTP of 95.17%, Merlin’s Millions scratch cards give players the opportunity to win an extra bonus prize for every card they play. The game’s jackpot is a whopping £250,000, which is a responsible draw for those who want to snap it up very lucky. Merlin’s Millions is very much a go for all players, regardless of their budget. In this good scratch game, players can bet as little as 20 cents with a maximum bet amount of 200. As the name suggests, this online scratch card adheres to a strong medieval theme that revolves around King Arthur and his faithful friend, the wizard Merlin. The web-game is easy and fun to play free, with a beautiful aesthetic design. Effortlessly erase the nine panels, and if three symbols match, you win! Why not turn to one of our safe and trusted partners to try this scratch card and see if it lives up to the hype.
Pig Wizard With an RTP of 95.82% and an interesting theme, Pig Wizard is pretty extreme to leave out the typical scratch card casino players. Magic appears to be a constant thread throughout the game, and players will encounter spells, curses and pigs in robes. An exceptionally significant icon is the Wizard Pig, a cute character in a robe covered in stars, yes the pig can wear a robe if he wants to! If your scratch card has three images of a pig on it, you’re in luck! This will result in your winnings being 100 times your original bet. This gold game is structured with the VEGAS progressive jackpot. Scratch to unlock three piglets, and not only will you receive an initial jackpot of 100 times your original bet, but you’ll also unlock an additional game. In this round, you’ll roll virtual dice and move around the playing field. In doing so, you’ll have a chance to activate more multipliers or win additional prizes. If your luck changes and you’re affected by a curse, the bonus game will end – sounds terrible, but we haven’t seen it happen yet!
Wish Upon a Jackpot Are you a fan of fairy tales and best online scratch cards with an infinitely higher RTP? Wish Upon a Jackpot might be the perfect option. Enter a world reminiscent of Shrek, with Cat in Boots, a fairy godmother and a talking gingerbread man. To play, simply look through the wonderballs (scratchboards). If you find three of the same icons that are them, you win! That win will come with two bonus games, so you can experience witchcraft a little longer (and increase your chances of a bigger win). Offering a high RTP and bonus games, Wish Upon a Jackpot is the best scratch game on the market.
Whack a Jackpot Remember the carnival game “Whack a Mole”? This online scratch card game is just that! Whack a Jackpot from renowned scratch card software provider Microgaming brings a creative approach to the average scratch card game. With the lowest wager of €0.50 and the highest wager of €10, the game is available to all players. It also offers excellent value with a maximum possible win of €50,000 and an RTP of 96.30%. To play, you will need to hit the rats as they appear on the screen. When you hit a rat, the multiplier value will appear on the screen. If you manage to get three multipliers with the same value, you win! Make sure you practice your hitting skills and reaction time, as three missed hits will end your game without winning. So hit for kush, not outdoors!
Lucky Numbers Offering the highest RTP, all scratch card players should undoubtedly experience Lucky Numbers. This card game also from Microgaming offers two ticket chances to win for every card you play. With that value, it’s hard to bet! The game is pretty ordinary. To play, virtually wipe down the panels, and if you find three of the same icons, you win. Look for multiplier symbols that will increase your winnings. Multipliers range from x1 to x5, and winnings start at £3 and reach a maximum of £200,000. Given the high RTP, there is little to lose when trying to hit the jackpot. This game revolves around luck and takes that theme very seriously. Even the horseshoe-shaped scratch pads are placed correctly (we don’t want luck to fall out!). Take advantage of that luck and a highly exalted RTP by scratch card industry standards by trying out Lucky Numbers now.
Granny Prix This simple but great game is probably the closest thing you’d expect to get from a standard scratch card game. The professionals at Microgaming put a lot of time and creativity into its creation and came up with a unique theme and plot: crazy grannies at the wheel of Formula 1 race cars. Each of them is accompanied by different prizes, or more precisely, different size of the multiplier. So depending on which grandma you fall out on the three separate playing fields, you can increase your initial bet of 2, 3, 5, 12, 100 and 2,500 times. The structure of the game consists of three rows and three columns, i.e. nine scratch fields. Before the game begins, players are given the opportunity to determine their bet size and/or ask for a new card.
The Mummy If you like the 1999 hit movie “The Mummy”, then you should like the Playtech scratch game with the same name. The provider tried to make the game more realistic by designing the appropriate background and using the movie characters as gaming symbols. Players must have 3 of the same symbols in order to win a prize. Prizes vary depending on the character found: multiplier x1 for Ankh-Su-Namun, x2 for Imhotep, x10 for Ardeth Bay, x20 for Evie, x50 for Rick and x2000 for Mummy. The bet size is easily set, and players can also instant activate auto-play and simply enjoy the game.
Zodiac This game has more than just the usual scratch fields and fixed prizes. The stars were definitely on the operator’s side when he released the Zodiac scratch game, as it immediately won the recognition of thousands of players. So, what’s so special about it? First, you can choose your zodiac sign in it, and second, its structural scheme is absolutely unique: one circular playing field in the center and five smaller ones arranged around it. Players must first open the big field and see the prizes they’re playing for, and then open the smaller ones in order to possibly multiply their profits by a factor of 2, 4 or 10.

scratch cards games

The 8 best scratch card games as ranked by the site

Scratch cards are a great way for gamblers enthusiasts to significantly increase their wealth level almost instantly. Such gameplay does not require special skills, so they are ideal even for beginners. With the smallest investment, you can hit the jackpot in the amount of 500£, 10,000£, or 200,000£. To date, the best scratch cards online in the United Kingdom are:

Name Cost per card, £ Possibility of winning Max Jackpot, £
Elephant 0,05 1:7 to 1:100000 500
777 0,50 1:5 to 1:142857 7777
Mega Hallowin 0,50 1:5 to 1:7000000 50000
Summer Spike 0,50 1:5 to 1:7000000 50000
33 Chances 2 1:8 to 1:1000000 20000
100000 Cash 1 1:5 to 1:3000000 100000
Double Chance M 0,75 1:25 to 1:10000000 50000
On The Ball Bingo 2 1:7 to 1:20000000 200000

The secret of these kinds of instant lotteries is very simple: the more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to hit the jackpot.

Elephant Scrathcard

The game is good because of its financial availability. The initial entrance will cost you only 5 pence. Yes, it does not have the largest jackpot – 500 pounds, but for those who want to try their luck in instant lotteries for the first time, this is the most suitable option.

The scratchcard has a classic interface that will remind many of the lottery tickets from the past that had to be erased with a coin. There are 9 different amounts on the playing field, if three of the same fallout, this will be the equivalent of your winnings.

777 Scrathcard

777 Scrathcard

777 scrathcard goes for classic options. The principle of winning is the same, but the jackpot is already better – £ 7777. Other features of the game include:

  •  the return rate of 62.8%,
  • the average bet per prize 1: 3.52,
  • 7 free games!

You can not immediately chase the main reward, but start gradually. Buy more tickets over time and your chances will increase significantly.

Mega Hallowin

Good gameplay is with a modern interface. Here you no longer need to move the mouse to erase the playing field. It will be enough to click in a different order on the game elements, and they will automatically open.

In the UK, the maximum win is £50,000, but the odds of such a win are 1 in 7 million. At the same time, the return-to-player ratio is about 50%. As a rule, as it is lower, the larger the total jackpot will be.

Summer Spike

Summer Spike is a game from the category of the best online scratch cards of this year. 50 pence will be enough to buy one ticket. But if you want to win £50,000, you will need as many scratchcards as possible.

The playing field is made in the form of volleyball. You can open the whole field at once or with each ball in turn. For convenience, the game has an automatic mode. You only need to deposit the desired amount, click on the special symbol in the lower right corner of the screen and visually fix how much you win.

33 Chances

33 Chances is the game for those who appreciate gaming not only for visual effects but also for additional bonuses. The main advantages of the game are:

  • RTP – 62.31%,
  • Jackpot – £20,000,
  • odds of winning are 1 to 3.55,
  • 33 prize levels with the ability to multiply your winnings!

Breaking the main prize is not so easy: 1 to 1,000,000, but there are additional options that will increase the number of winnings. The cost of one ticket is £2, which may seem like a lot compared to other casino offers, but you’ll rarely find bonus offers of this quality in such games.

100000 Cash

100000 cash is another new top game. The main prize is £100,000. It is very popular in the United Kingdom. One scratch card will cost only £1, and the chance of winning is 1 to 3.1.

The gameplay is equipped with very good graphics. Everything is done with excellent detail and animated inserts. There are 10 winning levels in total. Also, a free scratch card is available to all users to start.

Double Chance M

If we consider the best online scratch card games for them, they have a similar plot. Double Chance – Medium Scratchcard also features a 3×3 playing field that must be erased with a coin. The winnings are a combination of three equal amounts. This scratchcard has the next prizes. The minimum prize amount is £1.25 and the maximum is £50,000.

The lottery does not stand out with a large return rate. It is only 49.69%. But the game has a lot of other advantages. For example, fast loading, thanks to a simplified interface. Plus, you only need 75 pence to start the game.

On The Ball Bingo

On The Ball Bingo

A slightly non-standard game with a 4×4 field, but with one of the largest prize pools. The maximum you can earn is 200,000 pounds but that’s not all. The gameplay is notable for the ability to multiply your winnings by up to 10 times.

Experienced bingo players will be surprised by the high RTP of 61.441%. For games with such a gold jackpot, it is a rarity. To start testing your luck, you only need £2. This is the value of one ticket.

Of course, you can open the Internet and find the best scratch games online using search engines, but still, you should first familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the providers of such services. After all, the games are the same, but the capabilities of the sites and companies that promote them are quite different. This applies to the deposit and withdrawal of funds, technical features, and basic facilities for users.

Often all companies offering such services are registered in offshore jurisdictions. First of all, you should pay attention to how long the online casino has been offering its services, what year it has been operating, how many certificates it has, and what large organizations it belongs to. Another important point of selection is the bonus program. The more extensive it is, the better it will be.

This year, the following casinos are available in Britain (.uk):

  • Energy Casino,
  • Fun Casino,
  • Play Luck,
  • Slots Million,
  • Dinky Bingo!

For convenience, all websites on the web are equipped with demo versions of games. This allows beginners to get acquainted with the company’s products, and only after that to invest real money.

Often, everyone is interested in the condition of the deposit and the convenience of the interface. If with the second, it all depends on the personal qualities of the player, his interests, and his visual perception, then in the first case, everything is regulated by law. It is unlikely that you can find special differences in the proposed payment systems. But still, they exist, especially in commissions. It is recommended to look through the relevant section of the sitebeforehand.

The ability to access the best online scratch cards games will depend on your location. Below we have listed the sites of selected online casinos.


Get Access to the Best Online Scratch card Games in UK?

Access to best online scratch games in United Kingdom will depend on your location. Keep in mind that each province’s laws regarding the provision of online gambling may differ from province to province.

The Best RTP Scratch Card on the internet?

Merlin’s Millions is the best online scratch game that has a top RTP of 95.17%.

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