10 free scratch card games online for fun

Here’s a look at the free scratch cards that are popular in 2023. Ten free scratch card games for fun are presented. Each one is unique and interesting in its own way.

Best Free Scratch Cards in 2023

Below are 10 famous new scratch games. Some of them have free online scratch ticket games.

Best Free Scratch Cards in 2022

Scratch Fruit

Scratch Fruit is a game without the obstacles, complications, and those annoying conditions that everyone loves to dislike. The Scratch Card consists of nine tiles, which make up three rows and three columns. However, the winning combination can only be revealed horizontally (in one of the three rows ). Vertical combinations do not give a win; the game is a bit like free lottery scratch cards.

About game Winnings range from $2 for three lemons to $60,000 for three bananas.
Level of difficulty: Simple
Progressive jackpot Not available

Gold Rush

In this game, players can purchase a scratch card and scratch it with a virtual coin. Each time you download this game, you are given a scratch card that you must scratch to start playing the slot. You will need to select the number of tickets you like to play and then hit the purchase button to start the game.

About game A card game in which players get cards with different amounts to play. There are no paylines or scatter symbols in this lotto. So get ready to discover the great prizes that are hidden in this game.
Game Type Scratch
Option : Free Game

After purchasing the scratch card of your choice, you will use the coin cursor to scratch the surface of the card. If you’re lucky enough to get a winning combination, as instructed on the cards, you’ll instantly win the designated prize. All winnings obtained during the game are displayed on the winnings bar on the right side of the game display. You can already play scratch card games online for free.

Queen of Gold

Queen of Gold

Here you will not find paylines. However, you will need to choose the number of tickets you can play with. The game offers you many chances to make winning combinations. The card you choose will determine the gameplay and the prizes you receive.

About game You will need to match any of the special symbols with the symbols on the playing field. If you find the same symbols with the special symbols, the payout will be multiplied by the number of matching symbols. You can get no more than 1 win per scratch card when playing Queen of Gold 100,000. The player return percentage reaches 95.5%, which means you’ll have plenty of chances to win.
Available on mobile Yes
Max. winnings £ 100 000

Since scratch cards have different prizes, you have to be very careful when choosing a card. The 100,000 symbol is the highest paying symbol in scratch cards. Start playing free instant scratch and win games.

Hot Safari

You need to buy some tickets at the beginning of the game. Once you do this, you get to the 3×3 playing field. Like a real scratch card, it is initially covered with a gray film. Now you can erase this with your mouse or press the play button, and the winning fields will reveal themselves.

About game The game is one of the most popular casino games in the industry due to the weighty number of players looking for it. This is why players should try and get their personal emotions about this casino game.
Min. rate: £ 0,50
Max. rate: £ 23

Hot Safari Scratch works in such a way that you have to buy a lot to begin with. One ticket costs €0.50. If you buy 25 or 50 tickets you get a 5% or 10% discount. If you are lucky, you may find yourself winning 50,000 times your €100,000 bet. Rarely is there such a high profit margin! Except, of course, for games with a progressive jackpot.

Miss Midas

The Scratch Card with Miss Midas continues the magical story of her talent for turning the everyday into the gorgeous with a light touch. The scratch card is divided into a 3×3 grid with her portrait as the background image. Click her image to reveal the mysterious symbols hidden underneath and you could win 1,000 times your bet.

About game Miss Midas is truly a scratch card that can turn your stakes into gold! The game offers 95.771% RTP and 5 free cards that payout triple the prizes!
Rate 0.01 to 50.00 euros per game
Bonus games Available

Fishin’ Frenzy

Once the game is loaded, you will see 3 games that you can play.

  • In game 1, erase the four symbols. Match the two values to win a well-deserved prize.
  • In Game 2, find the fish symbol to win the corresponding prize.
  • In Game 3, in any of the five columns, if Yours weighs more than Theirs, you win a well-deserved prize for that column.
About game Fishin’ Frenzy is an online version of the famous scratch card slot machine of the same name. This popular scratch card game includes three games per card, which you can play for as little as 10 pence at a time. Regardless of your stake, you could win a top prize of 50,000 times your stake!
Maximum bet £10.00
RTP 96.12%

At any time in the three games listed above, if you find the “Fisherman” symbol, you activate the Luck Reel shown at the top of the scratch card. Once you activate the reel, you are guaranteed a prize in the form of a money multiplier or entry into the bonus game “Catch of the Day”.

  • Minimum bet is £0.10.
  • Maximum bet – £10.00
  • Maximum payout – £250,000
  • RTP – 96.12%

Bonus Features – Free Spins, Bonus Round, Winning Multiplier.

The Goonies scratch card

The Goonies

The bonus game on The Goonies scratch card is the “One-Eyed Willy” bonus, which is activated when three “Hidden Key” symbols are revealed to activate the bonus. Any additional symbols you unlock after activating the bonus wheel make better sections of the wheel, swapping bonuses with the best ones.

About game Based on the famous American adventure comedy film, Goonies is the theme of this famous online scratch card.
RTP 96%
Bonus (no deposit) Enabled

Once you finish the game, you will be presented with a spin wheel. Players are guaranteed to win a secret financial prize or one of the three bonus features listed below.

The game includes:

  • Elementary game mechanics.
  • Not a bad choice of bets.
  • Several bonus rounds.
  • Commonly available at many online casinos.

Ted Big Money

As soon as you reveal three Thunder Buddies Bonus symbols, you will unlock the Wheel of Fortune. Any auxiliary symbols you get will turn sections of the wheel into arrows. As soon as the wheel begins to make a spin, if it stops at an arrow, you move to the next level of the wheel.

About game An online scratch card based on the movie starring Ted the Bear and Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg. After its success, it was transformed into a number of casino games, including this version, the Ted Big Money scratch card.
RTP 95.8%
Max. Payout: £250,000

This will lead to one of three randomly selected bonus features.

Bar Crawl Bonus shows a separate screen based on a city street. There are two stages in this game: stage 1 is the board feature and stage 2 is the big money bonus (listed below).

In stage 1, you need to select bottles that allow you to move around the playing field and expand the total bet multiplier based on five possible actions. One action is to collect a Big Money token – collect five and proceed to the Big Money Bonus Game.

During Ted’s Pyramid Bonus players are shown a bonus grid – 5 rows divided into sections of varying value. Each section contains either a cash multiplier or promotion arrow, with the player starting from the lowest row.

The marker will move from left to right until it stops and gives out a prize. Once the gaming prize is one, the position changes to an arrow, allowing the player to advance further along the grid. After any prize, players will be prompted to “Choose Ted”, which allows you to pick up your prize or continue on. If you continue, your marker will fly across the board and the process repeats.

The RTP of this game is 95.8% and volatility is low.


This is a classic scratchcard in every way. The game is divided into nine panels. Each must be erased to reveal different combinations of symbols and prizes. The player must match three symbols to win a cash prize. There are no bonus games or features to activate on this card.

The biggest prize offered is 1000 times your bet. The minimum bet is 25 pence and the maximum is £100!

About game The theme of the map is based on the legend of King Arthur. The game features such graphics as “Lord Merlin and the Lady of the Lakes” and “Holy Grail” as well as the mist-cloaked castle of Camelot.
RTP 96.01%
Min.rate 25 pence

Call of the colosseum

Call of the colosseum

To play the game Call of the Colosseum Scratch Card, the player needs to perform the designated steps in order:

First, the player must select the Bet. Next, the player must select “Play”.

Nowadays, to start the game, the player has to swipe the scratchable panels to be able to see all the symbols hidden behind them. To show all the hidden symbols at once, the player has to select “Show All”. And all hidden symbols will be revealed. During the ladder bonus the player has to collect coins to climb the ladder.

About game Scratch your way to Ancient Rome and find colossal cash prizes.
RTP 95%
Min.rate 0.1 euros

Strategies for playing free games

Look for scratch card games with high RTP:

Online gambling strongly asks for patience. Also, you can play free scratch card games online. If you don’t want to wait or you simply don’t have the funds, it’s always better to play scratch card games with the highest RTP. You may not have a chance to win the jackpot that will change your life, but you will win small prizes. It’s always better than winning nothing on your way there and ending up with no funds to play. It’s important to stay in the game. What’s more, those minute prizes can turn into a hefty sum of money if you know what you’re doing. Money management is also important.

There is no way to predict when players will win when playing scratch games online. This is because the RNG software is used to ensure the fairness of the games.

Best Scratch card games for real money in 2023

Very popular free scratch cards win real cash. Below are a few games.

Kings of War Scratch Card

Kings of War Scratch Card is a very interesting scratch card game. The graphics and symbols are executed very well, which makes the gameplay unforgettable. On a 3×3 game board, you must first buy a ticket ($1.25 – $12.50) and then erase the card, if you see 3 identical symbols, you will win payouts corresponding to the payout table, the most interesting symbol is a scatter (crown) thanks to 3 such symbols, you activate the Free Spins Game.

Piggy Bank

The principle of this scratch game will be understandable even to a beginner. The playing field is a card consisting of 9 cells with a protective layer. In each cell, the amount of winnings can be written or a piggy bank can be drawn, signifying the transition to a bonus. The player’s task is to erase the protective layer. And if there are 3 identical values in the cells, the player will receive the same amount as a prize.

Three “Piggy bank” symbols on the game card automatically triggers the bonus game.

If luck was on your side and a key was found in one of the piggy banks, you go to the second stage of the bonus game. This stage is a win-win.

Mysterious Lamp Scratch

Mysterious Lamp Scratch Card is an interesting 3×3 field size game that rewards players if they see 3 of the same symbols on the playing field. RTP = 71.91%, exposure = 12,170, biggest winnings $152,125. Adventures are waiting for you with the scratch card “Mysterious lamp”.

Types of scratch games

The table shows the main types of scratch cards:

Scroller RPG Platformer Maze Dodging Puzzle Pong

How to increase the probability of winning in free scratch games – tips

Advice: In order to increase the probability of winning, you need to play more often and from time to time to change the size of the bet.


❓ In which casinos to play scratch games from the mobile?

✅ Now, many casinos’ sites in the United Kingdom interfaces are configured specifically for mobile devices, which makes it possible to play scratch games directly from mobile.

❓ Can you win real money in free scratch games in UK?

✅ Yes, you can play free scratch card games and win real money in the UK.

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