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Online casino players are always looking for ways to get big winnings immediately. Operators noticed this ardent desire among players and have since come up with games that allow players to win giant jackpots on the spot, if they have Lady Luck on their shoulders.

All online scratch cards are an instant-win game that is literally similar to its paper counterparts. You scratch part of the digital ticket to reveal symbols or cash prizes. The main difference is that you can get your winnings instantly!

scratch cards games

In fact, most interactive gaming sites these days give interactive instant win scratch cards online, products that have a surprising resemblance to the reel games found in all online casinos.

Real money scratch cards games give a familiar visual atmosphere to internet slots, in addition to boasting comparable odds to most spinners. The same cannot be said for physical scratch cards games, where the possibility of winning a noble merit is lower. Online scratch card games have different betting spectra and give different sized prizes. Players can also use casino bonus money to try their luck on specific platforms that allow this option.

When playing scratch cards games, the outcome of any round is determined by an algorithm called a random number generator, which freely chooses which ticket will give which combination of symbols. No man can influence the actions of this software.

What are Online Scratch Cards?

Online scratch cards have a format similar to physical cards, but they are advantageous in that you can buy them instantly without trying to find a flawless store that sells them. In addition, all sorts of available themes remain freshest and adapt over time much more quickly than with physical ones, due to how quickly online graphic designers and developers work. This means that every time you play, you’ll encounter a new style that makes things exciting and cutting-edge.

Online scratch cards games for fun are similar to instant lotteries, which you can play online from the comfort of your own home. As with cardboard scratch cards, you purchase a ticket and erase it, expecting to get matching symbols.

Unlike lotteries, with online scratchers you get instant results. Almost all online casinos give online scratch money games with giant winnings even with a single symbol. If you demonstrate a winning symbol, you will be able to request your prize online and request a payout to your account.

These games are riddled with great fun, and the excitement starts to increase when you start wiping to see if you’ve won the jackpot. Keep in mind that lottery scratch games online work with random number generators just like any other online game. So it’s a matter of luck whether you’ll cash in any big payouts.

How to play scratch card games online?

The rules of play online scratch cards are quite simple. These simple steps will guide you through the simple process of playing scratch cards online:

  1. Choose your preferred scratch cards online ( a wide selection of unique themes and prizes ).
  2. Choose how much you wish to pay for each scratch card.
  3. Scratch with your mouse to see matching symbols, jackpots and winning symbols.
  4. If you can’t wait to erase, some games have an option to press the “Show” button. This feature shows the entire ticket at once.
  5. All sorts of rewards and winnings will be added to your account.
  6. Request a payout or buy more tickets to test your luck and end up with a bigger win.

Stroke of luck

Scratch and win games free in casino

The existence of a wide selection of online scratch cards vouchsafes that players will be able to play scratch cards online for fun, because it improves the entire gameplay. There are a couple of unique themes and prizes. The top rated online casinos offer a wide range of legitimate online scratch offs to keep you entertained.

The rules of online scratch games are quite elementary. Nevertheless, it is always preferable to try them out and play for free at first. Playing for free in online scratch offs before playing for real money, you will be able to choose your preferred game based on your own preferences.

Playing scratch cards online without a deposit gives you a chance to get familiar with the system and the symbols, and practice before you deposit real money. With so many funny scratch card games available, it’s great to practice first and then choose your favorite game to play using your real bankroll.

Selected online casinos give a couple of bonuses and free spins that enhance your chances of winning real money for free.

Similar to blackjack, roulette or slot machines, scratch cards have gained a fresh dimension with many themes. The norm of online casinos does not change. You have a ticket in front of you with new graphics, and you need to virtually scratch the box to see if you have won. In this way, you can make money while having a good time with themes that will make you happy.

Read about TOP 8 scratch cards game in casino.

But the best thing about this online site, besides the graphics and themes, is the cost. Realistically, in a kiosk or bar your scratch ticket can range from £1 to £2, but in an online casino the ticket costs just a couple of cents or at times is free. So the bet-win ratio is largely in your favor. The chance of you winning the jackpot is also higher at the online site.

As of today, one ticket out of three is considered a winning ticket. The code is revealed and then the ticket is made a winner. This, of course, will try to please the winner with additional funds in his account.

Nowadays, all online casinos have scratch games in their ranks. Like roulette, slot machines or blackjack, scratch games are free and almost all prizes will be offered with or without deposit money.

Mobile scratch cards games

Famous online casinos have either a special mobile app for Android and iOS, or an optimized website intentionally produced for phones.

More often than not, you will need to download yourself an app and enjoy the game.

Below is a table showing the main advantages and disadvantages on mobile devices and on computers.

Advantages mobile Disadvantages


Advantages computer Disadvantages computer
game size game size
game load speed game load speed
user-friendly interface user-friendly interface

How to win online scratch cards

To win, professional players use different strategies.

Quantity Strategy

Of the popular strategies is the one that constantly needs to play and fortune will smile.

Truly huge numbers are appealing to the eye, but usually signify that the odds of winning will be much lower. If you like to play knowing that you have a superior chance of benefiting lesser winnings, then choose a scratch card online with a more moderate jackpot.

Don’t create a farm bet just because you have an assumption that you will win that day. Decide how much you want to spend ( once a week, every month, everyday ) and stick with it! That way you will actually make money on your winnings.

Newest scratch cards game

Newest scratch cards game

  1. Dream Vacation is a very interesting new online scratch card game in which you have to match 3 symbols to get the winning prize. This game has a summer setting with palm trees and elegant beach colors. Who knows? If you win real money with this online scatcher, you might even get to go on the vacation of your dreams.
  2. Symbols of Luck is a scratch game where the symbols of luck can help you win real money with a lucky symbol. If you get 3 of the same matching symbols, it means you’ve won a prize. Animal symbols reward you with small winnings, while other symbols, such as medallions, reward you with big winnings and big payouts.

No deposit scratch cards

Because the free spins you get are considered casino prizes with no wagering, this means you can keep every winnings, because it is paid in cash in scratch cards online, not bonus funds. If you can then go and play free scratch cards online for those finances, you’ll win real finances instantly, too.

Of course, how much you have in the first place will predetermine your bankroll. But with a solid number of free spins overall, there’s a chance to win something. A target amount of free scratch cards of £5 would be excellent, maybe even £10. At best it could be £20, but you might need to play the slot bonus round.

RTP stands for “Return to Player” and is a term used in the world of gambling by major casino sites to show the percentage of money set to be won back by players.

Potentially players are able to extract different bonuses to win back scratch card bonuses. The presence of finish bonuses depends on the conditions and rules of a particular online casino. Wagering guarantees for the prize may also vary. Check if a loyalty program is available at your preferred online casino.

If you have a club, you can earn prizes that can be redeemed by clearing cards afterwards. Also, for some programs, you can get cashback on the amounts you lose through scratch cards. Deposit bonus can be distributed to the casino as a welcome bonus or reload bonus. At the same time, it is possible that you can seamlessly apply the bonus finances when wagering scratch card bonuses.

  1. Six Shooter Looter Gold is one of the most famous online scratch card bonuses. This is a cowboy game whose action takes place in the Wild West. It is fundamental for the player to reach the non-dangerous areas, eventually reaching the jackpot area. If you hit the bank, you will get a jackpot of 25,000 times. Although reaching the bank may seem easy, it is not. Still, a lot of different bonuses are available in these games. You’ll get different multipliers on your way to the pot, including 7X, 15x, and 40x.
  2. Legendary scratch card is Monster Melee, which has an RTP percentage of 96.75%. All you have to do is to choose the value of the Bet, and then you will see the outcome of the Stone-Scissors-Paper game. This is essentially a scratch card of the most common kid’s game. If they say “beauty is in simplicity”, then this saying would fit perfectly with the official slogan of this scratch card.


❓ Can you cash scratch cards online?

✅ Playing scratch cards in the UK for real money online is the only way to cash a scratch card prize into a digital wallet or online bank account.

❓ Is it safe play scratch cards online?

✅ Yes, playing scratch cards online is safe, but you should always stick to safety rules. Go only to proven casinos and gaming sites. Look carefully at the address of the site in the United Kingdom, as many sites are copied by scammers.

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